VMWARE DR backup destination not mounted on reboot

Concerns VDR 1.2

To resolve this issue:
Open an SSH session to the VDR appliance.
Open the /etc/fstab file using a text editor.
Add this line at the end of the file:

/dev/sdX# /SCSI-0:1 ext3 defaults 0 0

/dev/sdX# is the device name and partition number i.e /dev/sda1
/SCSI-0:1 is the mount point
ext3 is the file system type
defaults is the mount option
0 is the dump option
0 is the file system check option

Run these commands to unmount and remount the volume:

umount /SCSI-0:1
mount /SCSI-0:1

The operating system in the VDR appliance should now be able to read the fstab file and remount the volume.

A little help, mount the disk using the GUI then issue command “mount” on SSH with root. This will tell you /dev/sdX# and the /SCSI-#:#

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