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Enable software iSCSI adaptor on ESXi v5

Through SSH or on local console: esxcli iscsi software set –enabled=true

HP ESXi 5.0 image license problem

The vmware.lic file is read only with a free ESXi key inside. Execute on the command line of the particular ESX host: esxcli software vib remove -n hp-esx-license –no-live-install Connect with the VI client directly as root to the host …

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Errors with ntbackup caused by shadow copy.

Portions of FILENAME cannot be read. The backed up data is corrupt or incomplete. This file will not restore correctly. I would receive this error numerous times in my ntbackup log. In my case the C: drive would backup without …

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Ubuntu upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 broke grub

After upgrading my Ubuntu server from 10.10 to 11.04 using the “do-release-upgrade” method, my system would no longer boot. It was stuck on a GRUB shell. I downloaded the liveCD, booted from that and ran the excellent Boot-Repair utility. I …

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GhettoVCB ESX(i) VM’s backup: E-mail logfile

UPDATE: GhettoVCB now has it’s own function to send a report mail. It only works on ESXi > 4.1. I’m using an excellent script to backup my virtual machines called GhettoVCB. This script works perfect. I wanted to get the …

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Installed ESXi 4 (with FTP & SSH enabled) & migrated VM’s from workstation

UDATE: This is an outdated article, since ESXi 4.1 you can enable SSH (remote & local) from the VI client through “security features” in “configuration”. After my XenServer5.5 experience i decided to use VMWare ESXi, let’s be honest, the leader …

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Citrix XenServer 5: SR on fakeraid (onboard Intel Raid) and tape drive trough ISCSI to windows VM

EDIT: I eventually ran in to problems with my SR on fakeraid. So please don’t try this if you can’t afford to loose data. In this article i want to describe my experiences with Citrix XenServer 5.0 Express and particular …

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