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VPN tunnel between Netscreen and Cisco

Recently I had some troubles setting up a VPN between a Netscreen and a Cisco device from the remote party. We had agreed upon a Preshared Key and 3DES/SHA1 encryption/hash algorithms using main mode and DH group 2. The Cisco …

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FORTIGATE : Static routes must have lower distance then default GW

Had this problem on a Fortigate 60B & 60C. Static routes did not work as expected. The static route did not work until the distance was set to 1 which is lower than the default route who has distance …

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Netscreen policy based routing cross virtual router

EDIT: Also read the comments, before implementing. For a customer at work i was implementing PBR on his Netscreen NS25. Normally you have just 1 virtual router called trust-vr, which contains your trust and untrust interfaces. Inside this trust-vr you …

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